8 Things NAA Attendees May Not Know About Atlanta

The NAA Education Conference is right around the corner and the InfoTycoon team is excited to meet with industry leaders and multifamily professionals in the bustling city of Atlanta. As locals, the InfoTycoon team is well versed with the area and ready to show visitors what the hype is with the capital of the Peach State. Here we share a few little-known facts about the city we call home.

  1. It’s home to the world’s largest drive-in fast food restaurant, The Varsity.

Founded in 1928 by a former Georgia Tech student, this fast food restaurant is known for its speedy service, all-American menu, and famous catchphrase “What’ll ya have?”. This Atlanta landmark has gained attention over the years for its fast pace and colorful lingo when ordering. Customers can be heard asking for a heavy weight and a varsity orange (hot dog with extra chili and an orange soda) or a walk a dog (hot dog to go) if they’re coming to the drive-in. You haven’t truly experienced Atlanta until you’ve tried The Varsity. Check out the menu (and the slang to know) here


  1. It was originally named Terminus.

Before being named Atlanta, the city in a forest had two other names: Terminus and Marthasville. Founded as an endpoint for both the Atlantic and Western railroad lines, Atlanta was named “Terminus” after being settled by John Thrasher in 1839. In 1842, citizens voted to change the name to Lumpkin but Governor Wilson Lumpkin decided to change the name to Marthasville after his daughter Martha. Just a few years later, the chief engineer of the Georgia Railroad, J. Edgar Thomson, suggested that the named instead be changed to “Atlantica-Pacifica” and was from there shortened to “Atlanta” in 1845. Explore more of Atlanta's history here


  1. It has the third largest film industry in the country behind California and New York.

Over the past 10 years, Atlanta’s film industry has exploded with film studios relocating to take advantage of Atlanta’s diverse terrain, easy accessibility, and tax credits. Atlanta’s skyline featured on AMC’s The Walking Dead in 2010 has boosted Atlanta’s onscreen visibility. Famous films recently shot in Atlanta include: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Hunger Games, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and Captain America: Civil War. The continued presence of the film industry in this southern city has even coined the use of the term “Y’allywood.” You can sign up for an Atlanta movie tour here


  1. Speaking of fame, Atlanta is also home to a vibrant music industry.

Previously dubbed “hip hop’s center of gravity”, Atlanta holds a reputation for producing some of the hottest hip hop artists in the country. Popular artists who got their start in Hotlanta include: John Mayer, Ludacris, and Usher. With local venues like the Tabernacle, the Masquerade, and the Fabulous Fox Theatre, you’re sure to catch a popular artist or two in the city.


  1. It’s the home of the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Named after two Atlanta mayors that worked hard to promote air travel (Maynard Jackson and William B. Hartsfield), Hartsfield-Jackson has taken off as a major center of transportation for the world. Delta Airlines claimed Atlanta as its primary hub in 1978 and remains a focal point of Atlanta’s major airlines. Today Hartsfield-Jackson services over 260,000 passengers a day, over 100 million a year, and has expanded to offer international flights. Have some extra time at the airport? Make sure to go to One Flew South, its first upscale dining experience.


  1. It features one of the largest exposures of granite in the world.

Settled just east of Atlanta, Stone Mountain is a large quartz monzonite that towers over the area. From the top, the Atlanta skyline as well as the Appalachian Mountains can be seen on a cloudless day. Stone Mountain Park houses numerous attractions such as riverboats, sky rides, and a laser show series during the summer. Multiple attractions and beautiful scenery make this a can’t-miss sight in the Atlanta area.

 Stone Mountain.jpg

  1. It has a brand-new baseball stadium, SunTrust Park.

Opened on March 31, 2017, SunTrust Park is the new home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Located on the northwest end of the city, the stadium has just over 41,000 seats aimed at bringing fans closer to the action. Surrounding the entire stadium is a new entertainment district, The Battery Atlanta. With shops, restaurants, and a hotel overlooking the park, fans (and NAA attendees) can have the full experience all while attending a game. Buy your tickets here

 SunTrust Park.jpg

  1. It’s home to InfoTycoon.

Headquarted in Roswell just outside of Atlanta, InfoTycoon is multifamily’s leading inspection and asset management platform. With over 100 multifamily clients, InfoTycoon offers solutions for regional manager scorecards, move in/move out inspections, budgeting, punch list inspections, due diligence, lease file audits, and so much more. With awards from NMHC and MFE, InfoTycoon is trusted by multifamily leaders and has been called a “game changer” for its ease of use and substantial timesavings.


The InfoTycoon team loves Atlanta and all it has to offer. We can’t wait to share it with the industry at the NAA Education Conference June 21 through 23. While you’re at NAA, make sure to see the team at booth 2238 at the conference. At the booth, the team will be answering questions about the platform, showing demos, and giving away the coolest swag at the conference. Want to meet up while you're in town? Email info@infotycoon.com or tweet us at @InfoTycoonNews and we'll connect!


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