Bozzuto Optimizes Performance with InfoTycoon’s Regional Manager Scorecard

With over 230 communities that make up nearly 60,000 apartment units, The Bozzuto Group is an integrated real estate services company and respected leader in the multifamily industry. To maintain and oversee onsite operations, they complete quarterly audits of every community to assess KPIs and overall community performance. The audit covers a number of areas, including leasing practices, maintenance, landscaping, property signage, unit upkeep, employee paperwork, amenity appearance, and so much more.

Conducting these quarterly audits is critical to tracking onsite performance, institutionalizing best practices, and identifying areas for improvement. Although a necessary task, regional manager and regional maintenance manager audits were previously tedious and required that the auditor, or another team member move their laptop or manually take notes regarding certain areas. It was hard to make sense of large amounts of data across the portfolio and then turn it into actionable information.

“We did our regional inspections in a paper format for many years,” said Paul Gantos, Vice President, Maintenance Design, and Programs at Bozzuto. “It was a cumbersome process and there wasn’t much accountability. The issue always came down to how do we collate our findings and accurately score every community. We began looking for a new technology that would allow us to improve our regional community inspections. We also wanted the inspections to be done independently by more than one inspector and scored collectively.”

To improve their audits, Bozzuto turned to InfoTycoon, the leader in regional manager scorecards. After an initial set up in InfoTycoon’s platform, Bozzuto began saving hundreds of hours of time in doing paperless audits. They also immediately saw new reporting and actionable data they could use to rank communities and assign point values to areas. The solution turned out to be ideal for their team.

“InfoTycoon is much faster than what we were using,” said Mike Valyo, Regional Maintenance Manager at Bozzuto. “Before InfoTycoon, we were using paper to do everything. Now we’re able to collect so much more information in our inspections and have InfoTycoon automatically aggregate the data and save us time.”

Since InfoTycoon’s implementation, Bozzuto has conducted nearly 1,000 regional manager and regional maintenance manager inspections. Of those quarterly inspections, the team has inspected over 241,000 cumulative items, taken over 21,000 photos, and made over 33,000 comments in the inspections.

“It’s been a game changer for our portfolio,” said Gantos. “When we did the inspections on paper, we had to transfer and send the data in a lengthy process. Then another person would put the data in a master spreadsheet. InfoTycoon has saved hours on the user side and hours on the administration side. They took a daunting process and totally streamlined it for us. With InfoTycoon, we can be ready to do quarterly inspections in such a short amount of time.”

Additionally, InfoTycoon has provided more accurate and reliable data to Bozzuto’s team.

“We can always go back and refer to our inspections inside InfoTycoon’s dashboard,” said Valyo. “It’s all there when you log in. We never lose any information and can refer back to how our communities are performing over time.”

Now that they have implemented InfoTycoon’s solution across the company, Gantos says he cannot imagine ever going back to a manual or paper process.

“InfoTycoon has allowed us to expand the horizon,” said Gantos. “This is a tool that keeps track of what’s going on at the community level. It gives us feedback on what they are doing and how we can improve. The tool helps us get across the finish line. With it, we’re moving forward as a company and providing a better living experience for our customers and better property reporting for our clients.”

To learn about InfoTycoon’s industry-leading Regional Manager Scorecard solution, schedule a demo or contact us.

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