Free Webinar: Avoiding Nasty Surprises -- Acquisition Due Diligence

Learn the dos and don'ts of acquisition due diligence! Based on the general session from the 2016 MAXIMIZE Multifamily Asset Management Conference, the rewind webinar is titled, Avoiding Nasty Surprises- Acquisition Due Diligence: Humorous and Sad Tales of Past Buys.  Due diligence is more than a checklist and done well by only a few. In this 60 minute, free encore learning webinar, our experienced panelists tell stories that illustrate the finer points of due diligence and their mistakes and omissions of the past. Additionally, they educate the audience about what they have learned to look for when buying a portfolio or taking on a management assignment.


James Davis, CEO, InfoTycoon


Pauline Thude-Speckman, Owner, Property Mgmt./Meridian Investments

Ian Mattingly, President, LumaCorp Inc.

Tami Fossum, Operations, GEM Management, Inc.

Scott Wilkerson, Chief Investment Officer, Ginkgo Residential


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