InfoTycoon Becomes RealPage Exchange AppPartner

Full two-way integration with RealPage strengthens lead in multifamily asset management.

InfoTycoon has achieved RealPage Exchange AppPartner certification, enabling a tighter integration with the RealPage’s OneSite platform and seamless transfer of relevant data between these systems.

The new partnership allows mutual clients to more seamlessly integrate their inspections and property management solutions.

“Our clients own or manage over one million multifamily units and many of them use RealPage OneSite. The AppPartner certification allows us to deliver an overall solution by integrating complementary functions of both platforms to provide the highest overall value,” said InfoTycoon’s President & COO Kevin George.

The InfoTycoon multifamily asset management platform is used by 5 of the 10 largest owners/operations. Together InfoTycoon and its clients have logged more than 250,000 inspections with the cloud-based, mobile software in just the last 12 months.

“The Exchange Partnership allows us to deliver features like automated work order triggers and the ability to initiate an inspection from RealPage," George said.

The partnership enables multifamily professionals a better and more comprehensive view of their assets, enabling clear and intelligent business decisions. The two-way integration will give mutual clients a more detailed look at how their assets are owned and managed.

Tags: multifamily leaders, multifamily software

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