InfoTycoon's Regional Manager Scorecard Changes How Multifamily Firms Monitor Onsite Performance

(ATLANTA, GA., November 14, 2016) Multifamily firms large and small are lauding InfoTycoon's Regional Manager Scorecard as the new industry standard to monitor and measure onsite performance and compliance. Since its introduction in 2015, InfoTycoon has seen widespread adoption of the game-changing product. The Regional Manager Scorecard is now utilized by firms controlling nearly 1 million units nationwide.

Designed specifically for the multifamily industry, the platform enables owners and managers to quickly review community performance in real time across its portfolio, region, manager, and/or market. Multifamily firms leveraging the product have touted its enhanced efficiency and robust analytics, including firms like industry heavyweight Greystar.

“InfoTycoon’s Regional Manager Scorecard has not only cut the time we spend on monthly audits in half, it has been widely embraced by our team because it is so easy to use on their mobile devices. And, from a senior leadership standpoint, we have much better visibility into onsite performance which increases our ability to take action based on our findings,” said Sherry Freitas, Managing Director of Real Estate Strategic Services at Greystar.

Clients are raving about the speed, scoring capabilities, and configurability that the mobile application provides. The product can be leveraged to assess and benchmark areas such administration, leasing, and operations, as well as resident screening criteria, lease signatures, vacant units, evictions, rent collections, and more.

Multifamily leader Bozzuto has also adopted the solution and found additional insight and quantifiable time savings. “Our team loves how InfoTycoon’s regional manager scorecard has streamlined the quarterly audit process. The mobile platform is simple to use and accessing scores, photos, and comments in real time has proven to be tremendously valuable,” states Angela Zecca, Corporate Software Trainer, at Bozzuto.

InfoTycoon's comprehensive Regional Manager Scorecard provides a real-time solution for multifamily companies looking to increase performance. To learn more about the product, please visit our solution.

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InfoTycoon is the multifamily leader in inspections and asset management solutions. Designed for the full asset management lifecycle, our powerful platform is now used by 4 of the 5 largest managers. InfoTycoon is the only company to receive industry awards from both NMHC and MFE. We maintain an unwavering commitment to serve our clients and provide the industry’s best inspection and asset management solutions. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter at @InfoTycoonNews.

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