INSIGHT 2017 Recap

On June 20, 2017, clients from across the nation gathered in Atlanta for INSIGHT 2017, InfoTycoon’s annual user conference. Held just prior to NAA, the event was hosted at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at the CNN Center and included a full day of training, best practices, networking, and more in the heart of the city.

INSIGHT 2017 officially kicked off with President and CEO Kevin George welcoming attendees and introducing the InfoTycoon team. This was followed by a high energy keynote speech from Dr. Debbie Phillips, founder of The Quadrillion and noted real estate expert. Dr. Debbie enthusiastically shared with the crowd, how multifamily professionals tend to wear multiple hats. Whether they play the role of communicator, trailblazer, cheerleader, inspector, or engineer, multifamily pros understand the importance of collaboration and flexibility within their teams.

Dr. Debbie shared that, in order to prevent data loss and be more efficient operationally, teams need to be open to adopting new technology and using that technology enterprise wide.

“Having everyone on the same page saves money and time and improves value at every level,” she said.

She said that by using InfoTycoon, clients have access to data whenever they need it. Using that data and knowledge will put their teams in a better position to stay on top of multifamily trends and become more efficient and nimble.

After Dr. Debbie’s energetic keynote, SVP of Technology and CTO Yaton Bowens and Senior Vice President of Products and COO Kshipra Pitre took the stage to highlight some of InfoTycoon’s most notable updates over the past year. Kshipra explained that InfoTycoon’s mission is to create industry-leading products and that client feedback is instrumental in our product development and enhancement efforts.

“Our Product team works tirelessly to improve our platform to help you streamline process throughout the asset lifecycle,” Kshipra said.

After Yaton and Kshipra’s session, attendees split into groups for the first breakout session. In one room, Director of Client Success Munira Gheewala held a presentation on leveraging InfoTycoon for operations, facilities, and maintenance. In her session, Munira gave examples of how to best use InfoTycoon for activities such as fire prevention inspections, move in/move out inspections, (add more here). She also covered a multitude of reporting options that InfoTycoon offers.

During another concurrent session, Scorecard Audits and Inspections was led by Strategic Account Manager Robin Rickel and Account Manager Mari Enriquez. During this session, the team showcased the benefits of scorecards and how they’re being leveraged today in multiples ways. Some of the examples include curb appeal, regional manager or regional maintenance manager scorecards, company branding, and risk management. Robin also demonstrated how to bundle reports in PDF or Excel and view them in the Management Portal.

After the first round of breakout sessions, attendees enjoyed lunch networking with other attendees.

After lunch, attendees again split into two groups for another set of breakout sessions. Strategic Account Managers Alex Mauro Ross and Aaron Villarreal dove into how to manage physical assets throughout the lifecycle. During their session, they shared how InfoTycoon can be used for acquisitions, lease file audits, amenity walks, budgeting, scorecards, preventative maintenance, and more. Best of all, Alex and Aaron provided use cases and case studies for several InfoTycoon solutions. Attendees learned about real-life examples of how InfoTycoon uncovered unbilled resident charges and saved hundreds of hours of time for onsite teams.

In the other breakout room, Product Manager Susan Bertrand and Product Analyst John Wood led an advanced session on reporting and data analysis. In their seminar, they reiterated that InfoTycoon’s mission is to provide insights that will empower multifamily players to make timely decisions. Clients can gain those insights using InfoTycoon’s portal, Publishing Wizard, Tycoon Insights, their dashboard, and more.

After the second set of breakout sessions, the group reconvened in the ballroom. At the start of the Product Roadmap, President and CEO Kevin George shared the results of the lunchtime question on funniest inspection discoveries. He called up clients to personally tell their stories to the audience. During that time, clients shared that they had discovered live chickens and a pack of chihuahuas in their units. Several attendees shared the funny discoveries they had made in their communities at some point in their career.

After the inspection stories, Kshipra and Yaton took the stage to present InfoTycoon’s Product Roadmap. During that session, attendees got a glimpse of the exciting enhancements and solutions in InfoTycoon’s pipeline. Kshipra shared how these new solutions align with InfoTycoon’s vision and how they will further improve and streamline operations for clients. Once the session concluded, clients had the opportunity to ask the executive team questions through a Fireside Chat-style discussion.

Finally, at the end of the day, clients relaxed with a cocktail reception overlooking the CNN Center. With appetizers and a signature cocktail called The InfoTycoon, the cocktail hour allowed guests the opportunity to mingle, ask questions, and take VIP tours of the CNN Center, the world headquarters of the famous news network.

“INSIGHT 2017 was our best user conference to date and I couldn’t be more appreciative of our clients that joined us,” said Kevin George, President and CEO of InfoTycoon. “We want our platform to reflect our client’s desires and the conference is an important way to get that feedback. We also wanted to share best practices for clients to better leverage InfoTycoon’s solutions and reporting. We had a terrific conference and that wouldn’t be possible without our clients here today.”

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