Our Takeaways from OPTECH 2018

This has been an exciting week at InfoTycoon! We’re fresh and reinvigorated after connecting with other multifamily leaders at OPTECH in Orlando. From the kickoff panel on CRE Tech Investments to the closing keynote on harnessing the power of disruption, it was a jam-packed conference focused on bringing innovation to multifamily. 

Walking the halls, we heard and joined conversations about artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data analytics. Transformative technology is coming to our industry -- in fact, it’s already here -- and we’re so proud about our mission to leverage technology to bring you a better way of doing business. 

We connected with current customers and new contacts and were thrilled to introduce the newest addition to the InfoTycoon product suite, our reimagined make ready solution (coming in Q1 2019!) that brings transparency, accountability, and ease to your make ready process. 

In case you need some additional motivation to get you through this holiday week, consider these takeaways from Josh Linker’s closing keynote talk on creativity and innovation.

5 Core Mindsets of Innovators:

1. Every barrier can be penetrated.

We need an entirely new and fresh approach to meet the challenges of today, and the greatest technology is human creativity. Creativity can make all the difference for your business to stand out. 

Ask yourself: How many times have we heard or said, “there’s nothing that can be done?”

2. Video killed the radio star.

How does Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream stay so successful? They host a funeral for flavors they’re retiring. This tradition drives home the message of letting go of the past to make room for the new.

Ask yourself: What’s a system, process or approach that needs to go? Give it a send off; don’t criticize the past but do make space for new ideas to flourish.

3. Change the rules to get the jewels.

We can often overestimate the risk of doing something new but underestimate the risk of staying the same. There’s always a resource constraint (time, money, headcount), but we can bridge this gap with creativity.

Ask yourself: Where am I stuck because I’m afraid to seek a new approach?

4. Seek the unexpected.

Continue past the easy and obvious answers. If you’re breathing, you’re creative. Dust off the cobwebs and bring those ideas to the surface.

Ask yourself: Is there an option X? What bold/unexpected idea can you pursue?

5. Fall seven times, stand eight.

We’re going to have setbacks and adversity, but don’t make it your defining moment.

Ask yourself: How can I Innovate my way through defeat to get to victory?

From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful holiday! We’re grateful for the opportunity to improve multifamily together.


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